The trade event glossary for hostesses and companies.

Communication is fundamental in every field and today we are going to learn the basic vocabulary, related to trade fairs. This article will reveal you the meaning of the essential words you must know to manage everything the best way before, during and after your event. From A to Z, presents the first trade event basic glossary.
The trade event glossary for hostesses and companies.

The exhibit industry has a unique language and the capability to master it is the first step to succeed. The knowledge of its specific terminology will make everything faster and smoother, so today we are going to explain which essential words you need to know.


Audio/visual support such as television monitors, VCRs, or taped music.                                                                           
Many companies decide to enrich their stand with music to regale guests, but another way to entertain your visitors smartly is to show the company advertising on monitor screens. If you are thinking about creating photographic and video contents, Hostess World can even offer you its professional staff, including video makers and photographers.

Those persons who visit an event, who are not exhibiting or connected with the event itself; AKA your guests, which could represent potential new clients! These people are the ones you must attract, making your booth as catchy as possible. Your hostesses must be impeccable as well as the rest of your temporary staff, which aim is to make your promotional event a worthy investment. Click here if you want to know how hiring a hostess will help you make your event even more profitable.

It is an identifying sign, tag or emblem, worn by the event participants. It shall contain name, surname, barcode and company name. If you are a hostess, the client will provide you with one, but make sure to always have the personal badge with you, to avoid any inconveniences.

Booth Number
A number assigned by show management to identify an exhibitor's floor space. Usually,
this code is composed by the hall number and 2 coordinates- one number and one letter.    This could sound obvious, but in fact trade fairs can be huge and booth numbers are fundamental to help visitors and staff to reach a company. If you are a hostess, remember to note your client booth number the night before the event, so that you will avoid unpleasant delays.

The booker is a key figure for models and hostesses (link), and within the agency, is the person who serves as a link between clients and temporary staff.                                         He is the reference point for both, also in charge to solve any problem that’s presented.

Dress Code                                                                                                                                   
Preferred style of dress for an event, requested by the event organizer. Companies can ask for specific clothes to be worn by its temporary staff. A good staffing agency can offer different uniforms a client can choose from and can also help its client to meet very specific requests. If you are a hostess, make sure to have in your closet the essential clothes you will need to work.

Event Marketing
Face-to-face promotional experiences between customers and companies.                                                                      
This specific type of advertising is usually carried out by promoters that can hire by contacting an event staffing agency, which will tell you exactly the kind of professionals you need. Another key figure, absolutely essential to make the action marketing effective, is the team leader. 

Food & Beverage (F&B)                                                                                                                    
Any catering service provided by a venue during an event, such as refreshment breaks, samples, lunch and drinks
.                                                                                                      If your company is planning to offer this service, read the following article, to discover what kind of temporary staff you will need.

An individual who translates during a meeting, presentation or conference.                                             
Experiences hostesses usually have a good knowledge of English, but sometimes a company needs real interpreters. Event staffing agencies can provide you with professional translators, which will help you in dealing with your foreign visitors. Hostess World can count on a wide data base, with professional hostesses who fluently speak over 3 languages.

An individual or company hired to work in an exhibit to greet visitors, demonstrate a  product, or stage a performance. Big event staffing agencies, like Hostess world, can provide companies with models, hostesses, catering staff and also performers; such as singers, dancers, musicians and even celebrities. Last year, during Salone del Mobile, popular star chef took part to amazing cooking shows, which have amused the audience with their culinary.

The cost to request an estimate from Hostess World to make your event memorable.

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