Do’s and Don’ts while working as event hostess in Paris.

Every kind of job requires a certain type of “etiquette”, and the event hostess job In Paris is no exception. Don’t miss this article to find out all the unwritten rules, regarding a professional hostess behaviour. From the right posture to the make-up you’d better avoid; everything you need to know to rock your event hostess job in the capital of glamour.
Do’s and Don’ts while working as event hostess in Paris.

Paris is the touchstone of fashion and beauty, as well as the center of international trade fairs and exhibitions, such as Première classe, Maison & Objet and Who's Next. This magnificent city hosts several events every year, offering girls many jobs opportunities. But, once you get the engagement, what could differentiate you from all the other girls? Today we are going to give you all the advice you need to succeed as event hostess in Paris

Having a nice posture and graceful manners is not less important than your appearance.  Be confident while wearing your heels, but remember you are not walking on a runway. Even when you are sitting, keep your back straight because there is nothing less feminine than a hunchback woman! After all, Paris is the city of elegance!

We all agree that we cannot work with our eyes revealing a full night partying. For sure, concealer, foundation, and powder are a tired-hostess-face best friends, but don’t go too far! Bright lipstick, sparkling eyeshadows, and fake eyelashes could be okay for a night to the Rex Club, but are totally out of place in these kinds of situations.

Dress code
When you are working as a hostess or promo model, appearance is fundamental, and you have to meet the client requirements concerning your dress code. The evening before the job, make sure your suit is clean and ironed because you need to look your best. Usually - as you can see in the article regarding the essential hostess wardrobe – clients want their hostess to wear high heels, but leave your sandals and platform shoes at home. Take with you a nice pair of black décolleté, and chose those that are comfortable enough to be up all day long.

Mobile phone
For a client, there is nothing more annoying than a hostess who is constantly watching the screen of her phone. Even if you think is not a busy moment for the company you are working with, doesn’t mean you are supposed to stop doing your job. Remember that you are paid to provide a certain image, and for sure you cannot do it, scrolling your Instagram home or texting your best friend. 

Although working as a hostess could be a part-time job for you, you always need to act professionally. Being on time means to respect who is collaborating with you while ignoring the working hours will make you unreliable in the eyes of the client who chose you for the job. Paris is a big city and exhibitions centers, such as the one in Nord Villepinte, are quite far from the downtown area, so leave your home in sufficient time! Consider also to arrive 30-40 minutes before the beginning of the service, since the exhibition centers are often huge and crowded, so to check in and reach the stand could require time. 

The fact you are working thanks to your image doesn’t give you the right to get over yourself.  Is easy for a young girl to make this mistake, but don’t forget that there is nothing better than a beautiful, smart girl, able to avoid taking herself too seriously. Be polite to your clients, your booker and your coworkers; everybody will appreciate it.

While working, a smile is the best accessory you can ever wear. Walking through the stands of an exhibition you would sometimes meet an army of long faces,  and for sure this is not the best behavior of a hostess! You aim to improve the visitors’ experience and there’s no better way than a smile to welcome the guests of your client.

Remember to be professional, even when you are fulfilling the easiest and simplest tasks. Working as a hostess maybe does not require particular knowledge, but every job demand effort and commitment. If the client is happy, your agency will offer you more jobs, and you will have the chance to earn more money

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