Why being a hostess seems to be the most dangerous occupation ever!

As we have already mentioned, being a hostess could be a great opportunity, which can give much satisfaction, but here’s the thing. It looks like dark forces constantly threaten the existence of those girls who choose to engage this kind of activity and no agency in the whole world has managed to explain the phenomenon yet.
Why being a hostess seems to be the most dangerous occupation ever!

Paris, Milan, London, New York and many other business capitals,  offer to young, beautiful ladies a wide range of opportunities and one of this is to work as an event hostess. This is a casual work with good returns and represents a real chance to build up an impressive network of contacts. But unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold and working as a hostess is a high-risk job. But let's take this one step at a time.  

We already know that looking for the "perfect hostess"  is not an easy task: scouting takes effort and sometimes the agency spends whole weeks before finding the most suitable profile. Some clients make highly specific requests and - only after exhaustive research - the deal with the girl is finally achieved. The model in question is actually blonde, but not on the inside. She is tall, but not too much; she wears a size two, and she fluently speaks Russian, German and Mandarin Chinese.

The contract is signed, the client feels happy, and it is just one day away from the "big event."                       
Is everything perfect? No way.
This is nothing but the lull before the storm.                            

You have to know that in the night preceding the job everything can happen. And it will.  It is right during this time that the doom is going to be fulfilled, endangering our young lady life. The unfortunate – totally healthy just mere hours before –  is suddenly stricken with a very rare type of cold which has paralyzed half of her beautiful face. And she is not the only victim of this evil curse, descending on whoever has a relation by blood with her. 

So, her paternal grandmother living in Poland is affected by a massive heart attack and - following the doctor words - she will make it, on condition that her beloved granddaughter visits her. 
And there is more. Both our hostess' parents die on impact, sliding on a banana peel, while her 16 years old cat lose his paws, not until he has destroyed all the best suits on her wardrobe.

But our heroine never ceases to amaze! The same night we see her on every existing social network, posing happy and carefree while holding a mojito. 
Furthermore, who do we think we are to judge? Everyone has his unique way to deal with loss and cope with pain. 

The only question that remains is: how many relatives, friends, and pets will still be lost in service of the hostess profession?

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