What-to-wear: the must-have garments to work as hostesses in Paris.

When you work as a hostess, the way you dress is not less important than the way you look. For a hostess, to own the right dresses is just as essential as the right equipment for a photographer. Without your “uniforms”, you cannot work, because they are a key part of the job itself. Today’s article is all about the essential hostess clothing and accessories in the capital of the “haute couture”.
What-to-wear: the must-have garments to work as hostesses in Paris.

We have already discussed the physical and personal characteristics you need to become a hostess; but what do you need to have in your wardrobe, to always be prepared? Let’s have a look at the garments and items that need to be in your closet for the hostess job!


•    Shoes

Usually clients require black, classic décolleté high heels for their hostesses. No sandals, no plateau/platform, no closed shoes or ankle boots. Remember you could stand all day long, so choose a pair of shoes that aren’t so tall. Besides, bring flats with you, to give your feet a rest during the lunch break.


•    Suit

A classic suit cannot be missing in the essential hostess wardrobe. Black and simple - pick one which is nicely tailored and comfortable. The best thing would be having a pantsuit and a skirt suit


•    Shirts

You will always need shirts while working at events and trade fairs! Get you at least three of them, preferably white and made of cotton.


•    Basic jeans

Sometimes clients prefer a sportier look for their hostesses, so be sure to have at least two good pairs of jeans in your closet! Save your rip-away pants for your girls’ night out and get your blue, basic ones ready!


•    Nude underwear

Keep those pink polka dot panties in your drawer, in case the client wants you to wear a lovely white dress nobody knew about! Remember to always wear plain, nude underwear, to avoid embarrassing situations. You must be prepared for any eventuality!


•    Shorts

You will find a different kind of events in Paris and some of these require a more provocative look. For this reason, you would need to wear shorts, usually jeans or black ones. As always, the simplest the better.


•    Little Black Dress

As Audrey Hepburn taught - a little black dress is something every girl needs, and hostesses are no exception. Find a medium length one you are comfortable in, and a pretty jacket to match it, in case it gets cold.


A wrinkle skirt or a wrong pair of shoes can totally spoil your appearance. Moreover, if you’re missing something in your wardrobe, you risk to lose an engagement, so to invest in the proper garments is the first step to work as a hostess.

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