Professional staffing agency: the only answer when the hostess decides to ditch you!

Ending up being short-staffed it is not occasional when it comes to temporary staff. There is no agency in the entire world that could ensure this is won’t happen during your event. At the same time, relying on an event staffing agency is your only chance to survive, in the event… of a crisis!
Professional staffing agency: the only answer when the hostess decides to ditch you!

First of all, let’s understand why a company always faces the risk of getting stood up by a hostess.
Here you find the main reasons:

  • This is a casual work and every hostess is always looking for the best offer. This means that, even if she has already signed a contract with a company, if she finds a better opportunity, she is going to take it, no matter what.
  • The event business, in contrast to other ones, is not bound to products but to another kind of assets: human resources. For this reason, an agency cannot be in absolute control of the service she offers, since no bookers are in command of other human being actions.
  • Most hostesses and stewards are university students. Studying is their priority, and they organize their time around university deadlines and obligations. As a result, it could happen that a hostess won’t stick to work commitments to fulfil university ones.
  • Flu, cold and influenza are the usual excuses to ditch a job, but we must bear in mind that one person could effectively get sick. Seasonal diseases are an issue, especially during the coldest months.

For these (and many other) reasons you can’t be sure that the person you choose will actually be your hostess during the event.
One huge mistake you absolutely must avoid is thinking that this could be the (poor) quality index of your agency.
On the other hand, agency professionalism shall be measured by the promptness of its response is such a case arises. The speed and effectiveness whereby your booker manages to replace the hostess is the reason why the staffing agency represents your life raft during any crisis!
Even If the booker cannot be 100% sure your hostess won’t bail you, he is also the only one who can replace her in basically no time, with another person having the same skills and characteristics.
Indeed, this is one of the main aspects contributing to the importance of a professional staffing agency, which should urge all the companies to stay away to the famous "do-it-yourself" booking (Click here to read more).

Hostess Worldwide provides temporary staff in all Europe and NY, thanks to its bookers’ 24/7 availability, offers to its clients' solution to any problem at any time. If a company in Paris isn’t happy with the hostess, the booking team will replace the girl within a very short space of time, by ensuring the minimum inconvenience for the company. The same applies to Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, London and the other main European cities and in New York, where the bookers are always at the client disposal.

And is there something a company could do for its part, to push back the risk of being stood up by the hostess? Of course, there is!

  • Do not skimp on the hostess budget. We all know that taking part to trade fairs and exhibition could be quite costly, but matching the market prices is fundamental if you don’t want your hostess to choose another company to work with at the very last second.
  • Do not offer your hostess to work a number of days which is shorter than the full-time event. Less time means less money and you already know the end of this story.
  • Do not try to extend the working time if you do not intend to increase the budget also. The best thing you can do is being clear from the beginning with regards to fee and schedule.
  • Reach out your agency at the right time. Booking the hostess way too early or way too late is never a good idea. The best choice is to contact the agency 1 month before the event takes place. In this way, there will be enough time for the best set up of the hostess service.


These few, simple rules will help your company – and your agency – to work properly on the setting of the hostess service! Keep it in mind to ensure your next event success!

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