Combining work and amusement with summertime jobs. How to work as Promo models and hostesses in Sardinia.

The summer is right around the corner, and many girls can't wait to wear their favourite bikini on the beach! And speaking about the seaside, what if I said that you could earn money as a hostess while enjoying amazing coastal cities? Working as promo models in the summer is the perfect way to mix business with pleasure. Keep on reading to discover how it works!
Combining work and amusement with summertime jobs. How to work as Promo models and hostesses in Sardinia.

During these sunny days, we all dream about holidays, beautiful beaches and bright bikinis. We would love to read our favorite books under a parasol and forget about all the responsibilities. But wouldn’t be great if we could make some money while having fun? If you work as a hostess in Sardinia, this can be possible!

Every year, many tourist cities look for young, beautiful girls who could promote activities and attractions to improve the location appeal. Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia are among the most popular Italian destinations, where you can find not only amazing scenarios but also fancy restaurants, trendy clubs and fashionable shops.

Promo models and hostess are in high demand to work in the most exclusive discos, on the best beaches and in the most sophisticated restaurants and cafés.
And that is not all: these kinds of summertime jobs and activities shall involve groups of hostesses instead of a single girl or a pair of models as it would usually happen during most of the regular events and exhibitions.
This represents a great chance to make new girlfriends, and work with hostesses and models you already met.
  Being all day in delightful company, surrounded by natural beauty and hitting hot spots, surely makes this summertime job akin to a real vacation, so what are you waiting for?

Models and hostesses' agencies are always looking for new faces, and you have just to find yours! employed last year more than twenty girls to work during the whole season, in a popular disco of Porto Cervo, which represents one of the hottest tourist locations in Costa Smeralda.

If you love a nice suntan, you are an active person, and you would describe yourself as a party girl, you will be crazy about working as a promo model or hostess during the summer time!

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