Born to be a hostess! The essential features you need.

Even in the physical canons required to be a hostess aren’t extremely tight, this job demands many characteristics and to be good looking is just one of the essential features you need. Keep on reading to discover what it takes to become a hostess in high demand!
Born to be a hostess! The essential features you need.

Working as a hostess is the perfect way to supplement your incomes, without taking time out of your studies or other main activities. This job permits you to manage your time with total autonomy since you are the one which shall decide when and how to work. Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe, because not every girl does have what it takes to become a hostess. Let’s find out together what this is all about!    

A pleasant look is undoubtedly the most important thing to become a hostess, so, if you don’t like people judging you by your look, this job doesn't suit you.
Clients and agencies will hire you by your pictures and measurements; thus you cannot expect they care about your law degree.
Besides, if you are considering undertaking this work, you must know that size does count.
One of the more relevant characteristics is height as well as a slender figure.  Partly because sometimes you will be asked to pull on fancy uniforms and suits and all the girls need to wear the same size.
And you also will also need to look fresh, to wear light make up and to have your hair and nails done, therefore, if you don’t like to be dolled up – again - this is not the job you were looking for.

But beauty is not enough. Working as a hostess means to be around people all the way, and this is not an easy task. You have to be nice and polite to everybody, to be smiling and gentle, even when you feel tired, and your feet hurt like hell.

No matter how bored, exhausted and annoyed you feel: you must look happy and fresh as a daisy, until the end of the event.

Moreover, the knowledge of different languages is what makes you a more appealing hostess, which also allows you to ask for higher fees. To be a polyglot is useful in every field and this is no exception. You can support clients doing the translating and helping them with orders and negotiations.

As you can see, is not easy to become a hostess, and for sure this is not a job that everybody can apply for. It takes a good standing, a certain cultural level and a lot of patience. But it is still a fantastic job, so why not try?

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