10+1 reasons to work as Promo Models in Milan. How fashion models can make more money in a smart way.

Milan is the city of fashion. Along with New York, London and Paris, it is one of the "Big Four" cities with the most developed fashion industry. It is a seat of outstanding designers, influential celebrities and the heaven of astounding fashion weeks. It is a fundamental part of the world fashion history and the place every model dreams to conquer!
10+1 reasons to work as Promo Models in Milan. How fashion models can make more money in a smart way.

If you are a model in Milan, you will have a wide range of career options, such as commercial photo shootings, fashion shows, showrooms, brands promotion and PR. Moreover, models are often invited to different events as guests.

Why? Because their presence on an event increases its popularity, adding style to it.

But besides this type of work, models often receive proposals to work as hostesses. Let's see what opportunities and advantages this work can give.

10 +1 Simple Reasons why a Model should work as a hostess in Milan:

  • Income.
    Milan is not only a synonym of fashion and is one of the most important cities in the worlds for events and trade fairs, with the largest exhibition center in Europe. So, the models are very required in the role of hostess. This additional employment will easily increase their income. And of course, the fee of an exhibition model is not the same as a standard hostess.
  • Flexibility.
    Even while traveling, a model can accept the proposals to work as a Hostess during events. Her choices of work thus cease to be limited to the town she lives in. This flexibility means many more opportunities to earn money, without being tied to one employment that does not give permanent and stable income.
    Some agencies are working internationally and, updating them about your movements, you can receive job opportunities all around Europe. Hostess World - with its central office based in Milan - organizes hostess services from the capitals to the small towns of Europe, counting on a database of over 40.000 profiles. They have several websites through which they offer their services:
  • Short-term contracts.
    Hostesses are usually contracted on a short-term basis, during events which last from 1 to 7 days on average. Such short works can be efficiently organized in a way that does not interfere with their modeling career.
  • Reliability.
    Companies that engage models during events belong mostly to the ‘heavyweights' of the market. They choose only the ‘best faces' to represent the agencies they rely on are the most trustful and professional ones. So, there is no risk of unpleasant situations regarding tasks and payments.
  • New modeling opportunities.
    While working in various events as promo models, the girls have the real opportunity to earn a positive reputation among more and more customers, making new useful contacts. In this way, they gain the chance to get new job offers in the future.
  • New skills.
    Modeling involves various activities, such as posing in front of a camera, walking during fashion shows or working within a showroom. But working as a Hostess also requires communication skills. A promo model must learn to drawn people's attention and to convey marketing messages or promo content to the audience. After all, it is no secret that even the most beautiful models often play only a secondary role, if not supported by good style and effective communication. People are emotional, so don't forget that the way they see your personality affects their decisions.
  • It is not just about appearance.
    A Hostess is supposed to be attractive, charismatic and communicative. But she is not just a beautiful face. She also possesses base knowledge of the professional spheres related to those events she takes part. Being a Hostess means representing other people and the results of their work. Therefore, being a Hostess is prestigious.
  • International environment.
    Hostesses work with both local and foreign companies and clients. International events become an excellent opportunity to promote your job in a large market and represent a chance to know different cultures and habits.
  • The model is a top-level hostess.
    A model, working as a hostess, belongs to the TOP LEVEL category. This means that her incomes will be higher than average, and her clients will be the most known and prestigious ones.
  • A simple way of employment.
    A model looking for a temporary job as a promo girl should not waste her time looking for castings. Many event staffing agencies will gladly employ them once they have her profile in the database. In this way, she will receive job offers with transparent and understandable conditions, terms and payment. Fast and easy!
  • New career opportunities.
    Finally, working as a promo model in Milan gives a girl occasions and opportunities to find permanent employment in a professional area she is interested in. We all know that physical conditions of any human being do not change for the better after a certain age. So why lose these chances?                                                        

Working at an event with many professionals allows for showing your professional qualities "in action.". You just have to choose a worthy manager and start your career.


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