From hostess to model in Milan: how to start your modeling career in the Mecca of fashion.

If you want to be a model, Milan is surely the place to be! There you will find all the best model agencies, the greatest photographers, the most famous brands and huge fashion events. But once you take the plunge and move to Milan, what are you supposed to do, to make your big dream come true? Keep reading to discover how you can become a fashion model, working as a hostess in Milan and how this will help you beginning your modeling career.
From hostess to model in Milan: how to start your modeling career in the Mecca of fashion.

Milan is the “Mecca” for all those girls who dream a modeling career, since, along with Paris, London and New York, this city represents the beating heart of fashion. But The fashion world is like an exclusive club; even knocking on its doors is not that easy and you’d better be prepared if someone will open the gates! Working as a hostess during events, exhibitions and trade fairs will offer you the chance to make a step in that direction: let’s find out how!

How you can become a model working as a hostess in Milan

  • First of all, working as a hostess in Milan can help you earn some money to afford to live in a big city, without weighing on your family. If you act professionally, events staffing agencies will provide you with a lot of work, and you won’t have to worry about finding clients.
  • Contrary to what people believe, many professional models are not just required for glamorous fashion shows and photo shootings, but also as promo models or hostesses during trade fairs. For this reason, taking part in exhibitions will give you the possibility to meet professional models, who could give you some useful advice to start your career.
  • Lots of events which take place in Milan, such as Micam, White Show or Mifur, are all about fashion and its insiders, so participating represent a real opportunity to start creating your contacts network. You could even be noticed by a scouter, since they are always looking for new faces to present.
    Many young photographers visit trade fairs every year to take pictures of the beautiful girls working at the booths. Even if most of them are amateurs, a shooting test is always a good training to learn how to pose in front of a camera.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that working as a hostess is a low-level occupation for a model because it is an excellent way to move your first steps in the fashion world.
Not everyone knows that many models have started their career just this way and one of these girls is Bianca Balti.
You got it right!
She was noticed by a scouter – who is still her agent -  while she was working as a hostess during a conference, and she is now one of the most famous models in the world.
She has been the face of Dolce&Gabbana, Revlon, Missoni and Armani, and she was the first Italian model hitting the runway of the iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion show, in 2005.

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