Agency bookers: the models and hostesses’ best friends.

Some girls seem to underestimate the importance of the booker’s figure, but these professionals are the ones in charge of models and hostesses career. In this article we will see which the main tasks of a booker are and how they actually help models and hostesses to rock their profession, providing them with the best advice!
Agency bookers: the models and hostesses’ best friends.

Bookers are a key figure in staffing and fashion agencies; they are in charge of models and hostesses, providing them with jobs and helping them in building their career in the events and fashion business. They have the necessary experience to promote your characteristics and skills, and that’s why you need to trust their advice and directions to succeed.

Even those girls who would have the potential to work as models and hostesses don’t know the trade and its rules, and bookers are right the reference point they all need. Finding a trustful agency (link) to work with and a competent booker is fundamental to avoid taking missteps, especially in the fashion system, which is an unforgiving world.

If you are dreaming about a modeling career, your booker will follow you on this journey, from the very first moment. A professional booker will tell you straight if you have what it takes to do this job, and won’t lead you on, with any sort of false hope. He will be able to tell you what you could expect from your career, because he knows the market very well, and doesn’t need to waste his time nor yours. Your booker will give you the best suggestions to create an effective portfolio - which is a crucial aspect you cannot underestimate - getting you test shootings with trusted photographers, collaborating with the agency.

But, whether you are planning to work as a model or a hostess, how do you recognize a professional booker?

Nowadays, social networks like Facebook and Instagram are one of the instruments all agencies use to look for new faces and keep in contact with models. But- as we all know – the net is full of frauds, and you need to learn how to spot them.


  • Real bookers will always act professionally, avoiding any kind of ambiguity. To give a practical example, even if you are a stunning girl, he would never make comments on your look, especially compliments; so, remember to stay away from flatteries.
  • Real bookers always have a professional working profile, where they show the agency they belong to, and its website link. This data is crucial to verify the agency identity, and you must distrust whoever refuses to give you sound information.
  • Real bookers will provide you with clear contracts for every job and, in case you are underage, he will ask for your parents' written approval, before proposing you any kind of casting. He will discuss with you or your parents all the terms of the contract, answering any question you may have.


Don’t be afraid to ask, because clarity is fundamental to build a solid relationship with your booker, based on trust, which will help you in the achievement of better results in less time. Want to start your career as hostess or model? Click here to discover how!

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