The best and worst situations you could face, working as a hostess.

Fancy dresses and sparling shoes, cool events and expensive skin treatments… but watch out, girls! Because working as a hostess could also hide some dark sides! Keep on reading, if you want to discover the best and worst situations you could face during your hostess job.
The best and worst situations you could face, working as a hostess.

Working as a hostess can be very interesting since you always deal with the latest in every field. But the hostess job isn’t all peaches and cream, and -  although some people may think that this could be a quite monotonous job -  the truth is that all events are different from each other, and you will never know what is going to happen. Let’s have a look at the best and worst situations a hostess could face while working in an exhibition!

  • First of all, let’s talk about comfort! You could be very lucky and have the chance to sit whenever you like while welcoming the guests. But, sometimes you will deal with clients who expect you to stand all day long and your favourite heels will seem like a medieval torture device.
  • Some events, like Esthetiworld, are a real daydream for girls. A hostess could be hired as a model for massages and skin care treatments, whit the result that at the end of the week, she will come back home beautiful, relaxed and with some more money in the bank! On the other hand, some girls could be chosen as hair models and wind up with an awful haircut and hair color which will spoil their image – and their mood – at least, for the next three months.
  • Events like Micam in Milan or Premiere Classe in Paris could be very attractive for every girl. These are some serious eye candy for all the fashionistas because you witness all the latest trends regarding shoes and accessories! But not every trade fair could be that thrilling, and you may spend a whole week surrounded by fishing gear or gardening equipment.
  • Moreover, you could be required to wear the fanciest dresses and the most beautiful makeup and hair. You will feel like a diva, while photographers and visitors will compete to take a picture of you. But client’s tastes are not always that fine, and you are going to put on the most awkward outfits, feeling self-conscious each time somebody looks at you with a slight sneer.
  • Among all the trade fairs you can find, motor shows are also very popular. People from all over the world come and visit events like the EICMA motorbike show every year, and beautiful girls are an integral part of the entertainment. So, on one side, the crowd is at your feet, and you are in the spotlight. You feel confident, gorgeous and important. But on the other hand, you will be surrounded by a horde of pubescent tweens with zero regards for your personal space.

As you can tell, if you choose to work as hostesses, good or bad surprises are just around the corner, but one thing for sure – you won’t be bored. And what about you? Which are the best and the worst scenarios you have dealt with while working at events and exhibitions?

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