Hostesses and market laws: asking for less to gain so much more!

The perception to earn more money by rising your fee as a hostess is completely false. Even if you ask for slightly higher budgets, compared to your competitors, this little extra- amount will cost you the loss of many jobs and - as a direct consequence – of greater gains. This is going to sound crazy, but asking for less is the way to gain more.
Hostesses and market laws: asking for less to gain so much more!

Today we are going to talk about market laws, focusing on how greed can affect your income as a hostess. But don’t worry, I have no intention to bore you with complex numbers and calculations: it is all about understanding the most basic rules of supply and demand! Stay focused, and you will learn how you can make more money by asking for less.

First of all, you have to be realistic about your skills and characteristics. Usually, agencies give their client the chance to select their hostesses from different kind of profiles, which are mainly divided into standard hostesses and model hostesses. Even if those categories may not be that strict, you can easily guess which is the one that fits you better.

If you are working at the same event with another girl and she is going to be paid more than you, it is because she probably belongs to a higher level, due to her look, her experience or her languages skills.
You don’t have to feel offended: your booker knows his job, and he is not trying to diminish you in any way.

Once you are aware of your “grading,” the best thing you can do is to find out the average fees your “competitors” usually demand, and slightly reduce the amount.  Does it sound crazy? It doesn’t at all!

Let’s pretend you are a high-level hostess: you are tall and beautiful, you have experience, and you can speak foreign languages quite fluently. And you are also asking less than your equal colleagues. Who do you think the clients will choose?
Some people may object that expensive is often perceived as a synonym of quality, and for this reason, big companies prefer a pricey hostess instead of a cheaper one. But they are wrong. At least, in this case.

Such an argument may work when it comes to big companies – Apple for instance – since their product are turned into a real status symbol, thanks to effective marketing strategies. But talking about hostesses, for a given quality, there is no difference between a girl and another one. Besides, in most cases, promo models and hostesses are selected through photographic castings, so that there is no point for a company to spend more money by choosing a girl that could be easily replaced by another just as beautiful.

Moreover, many girls have the impression that if they ask for higher fees, they can earn more while working less and this is another colossal misjudgment. Still unconvinced? Let’s make it even clearer!

In the following examples - just for an easier calculation - we suppose the average hostess tariff is 100 euros. We have a hostess who decides to lift her tariff up to +20 euros per day compared to the average, one hostess who follows the market price, and one who reduces her fee to 20 euros less.

A company asks the agency for 5 hostesses, and the booker suggests 10 hostess profiles. Among them, 8 at the average tariff, 1 below 1 above. The 80 euros hostess has almost the certainty to be engaged, the 100 euros hostess has around a 50 % probability to be selected, while the 120 euros hostess has just little chance to join the team, probably less than 10%.

Taking into consideration 100 events, the first hostess is going to earn 8000 euros, the second one will make 5000 euros, while the third one 1200 euros.
Cutting the price will provide you with booking more gigs, and at the end of the year, you will earn much more money than you would by asking 20 euros more per day.
As you can see, this is just pure math, so be smart if you want to be competitive.                                                  
And remember that asking for even slightly more can cost you a lot because when it comes to business, you need to always act with vision!

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